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Air duct cleaning service Phoenix, AZ

Not All Air Duct Cleaning Services
In Arizona Are The Same

In an industry that lacks any regulation or mandatory standards, the air duct cleaning industry for residential services is filled with predators and bait-and-switch tactics. At Dirti Ducts, we hold ourselves to higher standards. We follow the same protocol used to clean hospital rooms as we do to clean the air duct system in your home. We do this because your Indoor Air Quality matters.

IAQ can also make all the difference in the world to those of us that suffer from ailments such as Asthma, allergies, COPD, compromised immune system, etc.  Our air duct cleaning package includes a full hygienic restoration of your HVAC air duct system as well as a complimentary dryer vent cleaning. Not all companies are the same (or as qualified) in the HVAC air duct cleaning industry and it is very easy to find yourself taken advantage of. Our mission is to raise the bar.

Air Duct Cleaning Done The Right Way At Dirti Ducts, our top priorities are your indoor air quality and customer experience. The cleanliness of your air ducts and ventilation system directly impacts your IAQ (Indoor Air Quality). There exists a broad range of options for ductwork cleaning, each offering varying degrees of effectiveness in removing dirt, dust, and debris.  At Dirti Ducts, we offer affordable, professional duct cleaning services that ensure we're cleaning out your HVAC system, not your wallet.

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The Dirti Ducts Difference

There are many options for air duct cleaning in the State of Arizona, but only a couple have the right equipment, processes, and licensing to do your job the right way. What's more, our highly-technicians are non-commission-based, so you know you can trust that their recommendations always have your best interests at heart.

When it comes to HVAC cleaning, it is best to either do the job correctly or not at all as improper maintenance can have a negative impact on your IAQ, not to mention the health of your occupants. Our mission is to create public awareness and to prevent this from happening. When you choose Dirti Ducts, you'll save time and money, resting comfortably in the knowledge that your hard-earned money has been well-spent. 

Included in every job (per system or zone):

  • All registers
  • Trunk lines
  • Returns
  • Air Handler housing unit
  • Blower motor
  • Condensate pan
  • Drip Line
  • Heating element
  • Heat Exchange
  • Coils (Due to structural or mechanical limitations a small percentage of coils are not fully accessible.)
  • ALL Air duct cleaning jobs come with a complimentary dryer vent cleaning!

Our Qualifications

We are certified members of NADCA, which is the National Air Duct Cleaners Association, and use the NADCA ACR2013 standards as recommended by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). We are also registered contractors with the State of Arizona. This is a mandatory license any company that is going to clean your air ducts must have in order to access the entire air duct system including your air handler. Unfortunately, this is one license most companies here in the Valley do not have. That means they can only clean part of your system. 


All of our technicians have undergone federal background checks and CrimShield certifications to ensure your safety. Our team members will wear booties inside your house, protect your home with corner guards and plastic covering, and have been taught to leave your home cleaner than when they got there.Dirti Ducts's technicians are kept up-to-date on the latest industry standards with comprehensive training every other Friday afternoon. We also proudly maintain an A+ rating and are accredited with the Better Business Bureau.

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Recent Reviews

"We live in Scottsdale and the dust and the wind blows here, I knew it was affecting the air quality in our house but I didn't know how much until I called Dirti Ducts out. They came well referred by a friend. They kept me posted the whole time on when the tech would arrive, they cleaned my ducts and were kind, courteous and respectful of my property as well. They also charged what I thought was a very reasonable price and I more importantly I am breathing better. If you need your ducts cleaned do not hesitate to call them" — James D.

"Great company: on time, professional, and thorough. They spent 5 hours cleaning every duct and register - even the dryer vent. The price quoted was the price paid. No shenanigans. Money well spent." — Deb B.

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To request one of our services, please call us at (602) 733-6536 or leave us a message at the form below. We are at 809 E Sandra Ter. in Phoenix, AZ.

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