Q: Who should get their HVAC system sanitized and disinfected?
A: Those who are concerned about remaining viruses and bacteria, amongst other potential pathogens in their home or business and seek the peace of mind sanitizing and disinfecting can bring them.

Q: Does the sanitizer used by Dirti Ducts kill COVID-19, AKA Coronavirus?
A: Yes. After being in contact with the sanitizer for 2 minutes Human Coronavirus is dead. 

We use a commercial cleaner and disinfectant that has been EPA-registered and approved for HVAC systems (as of 01/29/2020) and is highly effective against a wide variety of pathogenic organisms. It is a true *Viricidal *Bactericidal *Fungicidal *Mildewstat and *Tuberculocidal. Our sanitizer kills 99.99% of all viruses and bacteria.

Q: What does sanitizing do for my HVAC system?
A: Our sanitizing process combines the germ-killing ability of disinfectant with a cleaning agent to clean and kill viruses, mold, mildew, bacteria and other organisms while sanitizing, disinfecting and deodorizing simultaneously.

Q: Can I be in the house during the sanitizing?
A:  No. While not required, but as an extra safety precaution for our customers, the premises must be vacant of all persons while we perform the sanitization process. Animals and plants should be removed from inside of the house. Larger plants, fish tanks, and aquaria should be covered during the process as well. Exposed food items for human or pet consumption as well as oral items such as toothpicks or toothbrushes should be put away during the process. Once sanitizing and disinfecting are completed, and because at Dirti Ducts we truly believe in extra precaution, the dwelling should remain unoccupied for a minimum of one hour.

Q: If I came into contact with the sanitizer will it harm me?
A: No, if somehow you did come into contact with the sanitizer it is as simple as washing with water.

Q: Once the sanitizing is complete and dry is there any harmful residue remaining?
A: No, as soon as the sanitizer has dried it biodegrades itself and once dry is completely harmless with no grit or harmful residue left behind.